Artsy Fun for You and Your Little!

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You’ve heard the rumors; you’ve read the research:  creativity is important for developing minds!  Free exploration, process art, and sensory play all help develop problem solving and language skills, giving little ones a chance to stretch those creativity muscles. 


But handing your two year old a paint brush can be terrifying.  Finding the right art supplies is intimidating.  And cleaning the mess?  Dear lord, we barely have the energy for laundry let alone glitter. 

So what’s a parent to do?

Bring your little one to Bookhouse Studio once a month for a crash course in preschool creativity with me, Anna, from KidLitCrafts!  An early childhood educator, mother of two, and lifelong creator of messes, I combine my love of beautiful children’s books and open-ended art play for an unforgettable experience. 

Here’s what you’ll find at a typical pop-up art party:

Sensory Experiences

Whether it’s a table full of play-dough or a bin full of ice, each KidLitCrafts art party will have several options for your little ones to explore their senses. (See this post for more info on how amazing sensory play is for the developing brain!)

Process Art

While we all love a cutesy craft, it’s important to focus on the process of creating rather than the finished product.  When you’re at one of my art parties, your little one will never be instructed to “glue here” or “cut there.”  I provide the supplies and the inspiration; they provide the creativity! 

Opportunities for Collaboration

Art play is such a great way to build those social skills!  Whether working together on a giant mural or playing side-by-side at the rice bin, your little ones are problem-solving and exercising vital social muscles.

Themed literature

An important (and popular) component of each art party is the story corner!  Filled with beautiful children’s books centered around that month’s theme, you and your little one are free to explore and read together. Each month’s art play stations correspond with the story corner’s theme, reinforcing big ideas in new ways.

 Station-based, Open Exploration

One of the best parts of a KidLitCrafts art party is watching children explore with freedom, stopping for long periods at one station, or popping from place to place with glee.  When we give our children freedom of choice in their play, we are supporting and strengthening their cognitive, language, and social development.  As a parent, it’s a joy to step back and let our little ones take the creative lead; you may be surprised where they take you!  


 Mark your calendars and book your tickets for my next pop-up art party on Wednesday, January 16th:  Robots! 

Click to book!

Click to book!

And if you book my winter pop-up package before January 16th, you receive a discounted rate for all three winter parties.  It might just be the perfect stocking-stuffer!