A Journey to Self-Love with Amparo Rojas, Owner of Worn Intentions


Guest post by Kylee Hays, Living Yoga LLC

Amparo Rojas, Owner of Worn Intentions

Amparo Rojas, Owner of Worn Intentions

Amparo Rojas, Owner of Worn Intentions, knows a little something about journeys.  Born in Mexico she moved to Fort Wayne at the young age of 5, she returned to her native Mexico during her teen years and then journeyed back to the Midwest as a young adult.  A self-described artistic personality with outgoing tendencies, Amparo has been able to connect easily with people and makes friends wherever she goes.  This served her well several years ago, when she trekked to a yoga and music festival in California.  Having never practiced yoga or meditation she was suddenly immersed in a “whole other world” she had never known. Amparo was met with loving kindness from total strangers during that week in the desert. She came home from the festival having seen first-hand how a meditation practice leads one to a more peaceful and calm life.  She was hooked and began practicing both meditation and yoga upon her return to Fort Wayne.

While at the festival Amparo noticed a friend wearing a beautiful necklace.  She loved the piece and when she returned home she began searching the internet for something similar. Google searches of “long necklace with tassel” lead to her discovery of malas.  Malas are a simple string of beads traditionally used during mediation practice. One thing lead to another and soon Amparo was reading and researching crystals used in malas.  She found the nearest crystal shop in Chicago Illinois, and drove several hours to attend a workshop making her first mala.  She bought her first crystals, Lapis Lazuli, not knowing the meaning or significance associated with the stone. As she read the qualities associated with the crystal, Amparo felt a resonance between the words and the feelings she experienced during that week in the desert.

 It didn’t take long before Amparo realized she had found her passion.  She began studying and researching in earnest and soon opened her business, Worn Intentions. She initially began selling her handmade jewelry on Etsy and transitioned to local festivals and markets in Fort Wayne and surrounding areas.  Wanting to share her passions in an intimate setting, she hoped to someday gather together with people who would like to “be creative and refresh our spirits” Amparo decided the theme of the gathering would be “A Journey to Self-Love.” Amparo, will be hosting this workshop at our sweet space, Bookhouse Studio, November 18th, 1-3 p.m.


 I wondered why the idea of self-love as a journey was something she wanted to focus on for her first workshop,  Amparo shared that there were three specific reasons, Firstly, she had always been a creative person growing up (ballet, painting, and playing piano) but those endeavors had faded over time and she had lost touch with her own creativity.  When she finished her first mala she felt an overwhelming sense of happiness being connected again to her own creative spirit.  She hopes that when people come to the workshop and spend time making a bracelet that something will spark for them too, they will connect with their own creativity.

 Secondly, Amparo believes that her work healed her.  Shortly after starting Worn Intentions she experienced significant emotional pain.  The process of working and creating, having a passion, “healed me… My work healed me.” Amparo wants to share how a passionate work, somewhere to pour your pain, or happiness, can heal a person.

Finally, Amparo wants to host the workshop for very practical reasons. Her dreams include one day teaching meditation and she knows she needs to get more experience speaking in front of people, hosting an intimate workshop feels like the perfect next step to grow her towards becoming a competent teacher who can share easily in front of others. All of it is a journey she wants to share with others.

I can tell you first hand that Amparo has a generous smile and warm spirit that puts you at ease.  She is passionate about crystals, meditation, pursuing our creative spirits, and the Journey to Self-Love. Her workshop is sure to be a delightful afternoon of sharing.  Bring a friend or come alone, either way expect to have a beautiful time. Amparo suggests dressing comfortably “as we will be laughing, dancing and flowing to the rhythm of our hearts.”  I hope to see you there, I can’t wait to sit around the table, learn, laugh and lean into my own creativity.  I bought my ticket, come join me, I’ll save you a seat. Tickets can be found under the “bookings” tab.